Pastor Kayleigh is our Family Ministries Pastor at Pearce. To read her blog posts, hover over her name on the menu above and click on “Grape Juice Faith” from the drop-down.


Grape Juice. It’s sticky, it stains easily, it’s a drink you won’t give to a 3-year-old within ten feet of a carpet, and in Protestant churches around the world, it serves as a symbol of the most scandalous, grace-filled act in all of scripture. There’s a lot we can learn from grape juice. When it comes to raising kids and seeking to teach them what it means to live in a relationship with Jesus Christ, grape juice might just be the best tool we have.

You see, discipling your kids has to be full of sticky moments that stain their hearts with the love and truth of Jesus.

Trying to teach your children or your teenagers to walk in step with Jesus can be messy. It can seem overwhelming and intimidating, and often you might not know where to start. Do not let that be a reason for you to throw in the towel, or simply leave this task up to the “professionals” at church. Just as that little cup of grape juice holds infinite importance, your dedication to filling your kids’ hearts with a deep devotion to Jesus is absolutely vital!

Let me fill you in on something; I am not a parent. However, I have the great honor of serving in family ministries at my church and I am passionate about seeing children and teens on fire for God. But let me tell you something else,

I am more passionate about seeing entire families serving God together.

Only when parents and churches work alongside each other can the truth of God truly begin to impact the lives of our kids. I want this blog to be a place where you as parents feel connected to the church, where you find resources that equip you to start becoming involved in disciplining kids. I want us to get messy together. To throw off our fears and doubts, and start working to stain the hearts of your kids with the love and truth of Jesus.

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